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    To all you plumbers out there. Can anyone help?
    I have recently bought a bifold shower door measuring 900 mm, unfortunately, due to an over enthusiastic plumber, the opening is now 1000 mm. Is there a filler/panel that I could buy that would fill the gap? I have also purchased a short projection WC, Having laid the floor (and tiled) with the waste coming up through the floor (I understand this is a vertical fitting !) my plumber now tells me that my toilet is not designed for a vertical waste fitting and that the WC cannot be fit flush to the wall, there is a gap of approximately 3-4 inches, surely there must be some connection that can be used that could solve the problem. I have seen a freestanding bath but not a freestanding toilet!

    Please help



    Ask the plumber what kind of toilet you should have then go to the store you bought from and ask to change it, explaining why.
    I don't understand the screen problem.

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    I bought the toilet online and I have had it for a couple of months so I don't think they would exchange it. Our house is approximately 35 years old and I wondered if newer houses waste systems are now fitted differently. I have checked all the other toilets on the website I bought it from and they all state that they are not suitable for verticle waste.
    The shower door is 10mm too narrow, I am looking for an 'extension panel' or something that would fill in the gap as the shower cubicle is now completely tiled.

    Can you supply pics of the problem?

    I have just taken out a toilet downstairs and the toilet was very old, the soil pipe came vertically straight into the toilet. The new toilter requires a fitting with a 90 degree bend which took the new toilet away from the wall. We battened the wall with some 2x2 and plasterboarded and tiled it and it looks fine. There is just a small ledge about 2" wide about 1m high. Now its all tiled it looks fine. I know you can get flexible toilet connectors but not sure if any of these with work for you. Have a look at the screwfix website they sell the full range of toilet fittings. They may also have something for your shower screen.
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