Plumbing peeps. Kitchen waste to washing machine

Posted 20th Dec 2022
Wife has just informed me we have a leak under the sink. I'm going to drop in screwfix and try and get the parts to fix it, on the way home this evening. I only have a couple of images to work with and don't have a clue what I need. Can anyone assist. Wife says the metal screw is broken.4053757_1.jpg4053757_1.jpgPipe to the right leads to the washing machine. Pipe on the wall is the water inlet. Above this (can't see in pic) is the sink outlet. This is in a kitchen cupboard under the sink.

Can anyone make sense of this? Wife is out now and it's a bit of a drive to go home then back out to get the bits.
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    Pictures aren’t the best but to me it looks like you just need a new basket waste with or without overflow depending on the sink?

    The rest should all just screw back together once basket waste is in
    49096096-IoMtp.jpgManaged to get another picture
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    It's junk. That's the one I have. Reviews are good but the food bit gets past stainer.
    My original was franke from howdens and brilliant.

    Just saying. Depends if you want to catch the food bits.
    49098653-SZJor.jpg (edited)
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    Get a McAlpine sink strainer waste vs cheaper ones imo.
    There is a waste overflow pipe.

    Can't see how it exactly works but with any luck it will all go together OK.

    However. It might not line up unless old waste has brand on and you can buy the same..

    Might need an adjustable waste bend to line up.. (edited)
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    Thanks all. Managed to grab a new waste kit from Screwfix. Still got a bit of a leak in the u bend now though as the old rubbers are knackered, so will probably go back tonight to get a new u bend. Used PTFE tape aswell.

    Someone recommended just using plumbers mate? But I will have to take it apart to put that on anyway and the new u bend is only around £7 anyway. Everything will be new after that aswell as all the rubbers look old
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    How did you get on mate?

    Just read the reply below, keep plumbers mate away! ptfe if needed but none of it should be needed with a new trap and washers (edited)
    Its all good. Yea the new trap was fine. I got an adjustable one and had to saw it down a little also to get the desired length. I know it should be fine but I used a little PTFE on the joins anyway. All fine now anyway, cheers ! Was tempted to get the plumbers mate as it was there in the shelf in screwfix.
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