Plumper help pllllleeeeeeease my boiler aint working

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Found 22nd Dec 2010
Morning all,

Woken up to my boiler not working can anyone suggest how to fix it please?

Spoken to plumber who can't come out till tonight and suggested I use the kettle on it to see if it's frozen....... erm a kettle is for making tea, no idea what he means!

It's an ISAR combi flashing f


check the water pressure

First thing I'd do is check your condensate pipe is not frozen.

prob means pour hot water on the pipes outside, our pipes have frozen last couple of days and the bath wouldnt empty.


Ring a different plumber who may be able to come out.

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the pressure is fine.
I shall go and try hot water on the pipe outside.
Does anyone know how I can empty the condensation trap (previously happened & hubby can't remember what he was shown to fix it,,,, !X!!!!!)

Shouldn't have to do anything to the condensate, as long as it is clear it will do all the work itself. Get the pipe unfrozen and all should be good.

Your pipe that comes out of the boiler has frozen. You can try pouring hot water on it or try to disconnect it. You need to get a trace heater fitted to it as soon as you can. Good luck finding one as none in the UK.

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still wont work

Have you got the manual so you can identify which pipe coming off the bolier is the condensate pipe, although this should be pretty obvious anyway. You could disconnect it from the boiler then and see if anything flows down it. Be aware there maybe water coming out if you do disconnect it though


still wont work

Was it frozen, did anything come out?

Did you shut it down and start up again?
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Shouldn't have to do anything to the condensate, as long as it is clear … Shouldn't have to do anything to the condensate, as long as it is clear it will do all the work itself. Get the pipe unfrozen and all should be good.

the plumber said it was common for these boilers to keep needing their condensation pipe emptying, when the boiler trys to restart you can hear the water gurgling away.

Also, when I tried to restart it, it made a real funny noise, the rads pipe started to get warm to touch then it went off. Got hot water though.

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ps. I have the manual, should I follow instructions on 'cleaning the s trap' as it doesn't show anything for build up of condensation?

Yes and make sure there is a definite flow.

if it happens again, wrap a tea towel round condens pipe and pour hot water on it, it thaws miles faster this way

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a load of water has just come out, it's all whurring away now.. fingers crossed rads are starting to heat up. Definately gonna sign up to home plumber course at local college.... hate being stuck.

Many thanks for your help, hope you all have a brilliant christmas.

what did you find?

Is a plumper a fat plumber? Hope its all sorted now.


Plumper can't help right now..................on another job
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Our boiler broke this morning too, only had it a few months

And my pipes froze last night, seems to be a common thing in the last few days!

Happened to us yesterday!!!
Pipes frozen... get some hot water bottles and put around outlet pipes, and use hairdryer to melt any ice -- we then took off the pipe and saw loads of ice! banged it out, and hey presto! working!


I just posted a similar thread to this, completely missed this one!


lol at hot water to unfreeze a pipe, use a hair dryer!

make and model of boiler?

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