Plus Net Broadband

    Anyone have any experience of plus net?
    Signed my mum and dad up with them cannot connect wirelessly and their email address doesnt work 99% of the time. They can send emails no problem but 99% trying to send to them it just bounces back.
    Any help thoughts appreciated.


    Can't help with the wireless problem.

    As for email, open up a gmail account or similar, then you're not tied to an ISP.

    If they're having problems with the wireless, it's probably down to some setting(s) not being configured properly or interference or something. As for the email address, it could be something not configured on your computer properly or maybe something on their end. If you're sure you have it set up on your computer properly, give them a ring and they should be able to sort it.

    I only know one person using PlusNet and they say it's good. Never heard anything bad about them tbh, I think they're meant to be quite good.

    i have had for years with no problem, my parents had them also and had a few email issues at the start but when they phoned they changed some settings at their end. Everything was fine then. I think it was something to do with their spam filters as got hacked into and everyones email address's were taken. After about 50000 viagra emails they done something about it and put a spam filter in place.

    But like i said i have had no trouble with them.

    my mum and dad used them and had loads of trouble and ended up changing - but they were told it was to do with the area they lived in (!!????!!!!)

    i setup my mates mums plus net account before and she was struggling to send emails, i gave them a call and they had give the wrong email address details, so u had to receive with 1 account and send with another lol, they told me the correct addresses to use and all is well, their email service is very poor and the webmail is nothing short of a joke!

    Call their helpline, that is what you are paying them for.;-)
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