PLUS size running clothes size 22-24

Found 19th May 2015
looking to know if anyone can recommend anywhere to get some decent clothing thats not dark and dreary. search all over net to no avail she tried sportingpro tonight with XL adidas but small made she said and they dont stock the 2xl in what she wanted and site doesn either.
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Try sports direct

Try sports direct

tried there female only up to 18 at amx on non running clothes
simply be do sportswear too
Just found this store on eBay, they do running leggings in bright colours in size 22-24 including neon pink. Priced at £4.49 plus £1.99 postage. Looks like they do a lot of fitness wear.running leggings
3/4 length running

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Off topic but can I say fair play to the lady who is going to go running at that size?
H&M (Hennes) do up to 3XL according to the website…8-A

That is a link to one item but they have other sportswear.

Just be aware that very overweight people MAY have a bigger weight loss each week at the beginning and the rate at which they lose weight MAY decrease after the initial few weeks/months.

Have a look at specific weight loss websites and forums and there may be other women who are further down the line with their weight loss who will sell or give away their old clothes.

Don't waste money on buying expensive 'fat' gear, save the money for nice new clothes when she's reached her target weight and maintained it.

If she is going to spend money the most important thing is her footwear. Get the best you can afford. The best isn't designer names but she needs to be properly fitted in a sports shop. Not JD sports, they sell fashion items.
She'd be better off walking.

Not meaning to sound rude, but the pressure on her joints with compounding running at her weight will be immense, she's best off getting some walking boots & a ruck sack & taking up long walks instead. Running gear is also tight, so she will no doubt feel uncomfortable with it on & will be less likely to stick with it.

Good Luck
Wish her luck from me! I need to start running again!
Look at Marks and Spencer Sportswear collection they have some lovely bright tops and joggers that go up to a Size 24.
I second marks and spencers! Fab sports wear in bright colours. What about h&m not sure on their sizing tho.

Also another must and it goes above the footwear for me is a darned good fitted sports bra!!! Marks and Spencer some really good high intensity bras which are under wired and multiway!

Have fun!

simply be do branded sports clothes in those sizes
she has just done a 10k no injuries she just wants a new kit without it costing the earth and being dark and dreary thanks for suggestions on sites been helpful
Simply Be...have got Nike & Adidas plus others in larger sizes
La Redoute sometimes have good colours in decent sizes, (though their quality can be patchy) and they've always got discount codes on the web pages. Yours Clothing is great for cheap and cheerful in a good range of sizes, too. Great idea to wear nice, bright colours.
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