Plusnet fibre, replacing the router and the modem?

Found 30th Aug 2015
SO after upgrading to plusnet fibre for 2years ideally I would like to replace the BT openreach modem and the plusnet router with an all in one deal for 76mg fibre. Has anyone does this yet? and anyone have any reccomendations? as we all know ISP's can be fickle about third party routers (even though they are more often that not better).

Many Thanks HDUK'ers
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There are a few threads on the plusnet forums discussing fibre routers.
Short answer is that it seems to depend on your local exchange to an extent.

I use a fritzbox but ended up keeping the BT modem and just using the ordinary router functionality because I had all sorts of problems with sync speed. While I'm sure that the issues were with my local exchange (they admitted a fault and swapped out some kit) the whole experience was a pain and the lag and speed problems that I suffered were painful - lots of bt visits and they wouldn't do anything unless their own kit was installed.
thanks mas great input anyone else care to share?
I have plus net fibre and looked at replacing the open reach modem when I was replacing my router. I got the asus ac68u router only instead of the combined version for a couple of reasons. Firstly when it was first released there were comments on its performance and stability, these may have been fixed now with updates. Secondly as the open reach modem is technically part of BT's equipment I figured in the future if there was a problem, keeping would be helpful in a few ways. Plusnet and BT wouldn't be able to pass the buck blaming third party equipment. Fault finding would be easier as I could use an ethernet cable to plug right into the modem to eliminate the router as a fault. If router failed I could use another router or direct cable until a replacement was organised. I can understand wanting to reduce energy costs and reduce clutter of cables and boxes but in the end I felt it was a better decision to keep the modem and have a good separate router.
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