Plusnet Increasing Line Rental from September - Possible contract get out?

    I'm about 6 months into an 18 month contract and paid the first 12 months' line rental upfront.

    They are increasing the line rental by over £1.45 per month - well in excess of the RPI.

    I have a couple of questions -
    a) will the charge me the extra on top of what I already paid upfront (i.e. I'll have to pay a top up come september for the remaining months of the 12 I already paid for) - I expect only Plusnet themselves can confirm this

    and more importantly:
    b) just as with mobile contracts a couple of years ago, does this constitute a change in the conditions of contract and allow me to leave it penalty free?

    I'm aware that the rules governing mobiles are probably a bit different, so maybe not, but it seems like a bit of a p1sstake when i'm locked into a (great value) contract. If that had expired and I was just ticking along, then fine.

    main part of email text below:

    [quote]Changes to your Plusnet home phone package

    On 23rd September 2014 we are making some changes to our home phone pricing and call charges. The cost of our monthly line rental is increasing to £15.95 a month. Our monthly line rental packages with inclusive calls still deliver great value, they're better value than TalkTalk1 , and we continue to lead the market on customer satisfaction. 2

    If you currently pay for 12 months line rental in advance, we'll send you a reminder before your Line Rental Saver expires, with details on how to renew. The renewal charge after 23rd September 2014 will be £155.88, equivalent to £12.99 a month, this equates to a saving of £35.52 a year. [quote]


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    Okay, if you have prepaid they 'should not' charge you the price increase on the 12 months you have paid for. Plusnet is now owned and operated by BT who did a very similar thing earlier in the year. None of the prepaid line rental customers were affected until after their prepaid period. But You can phone up customer services to confirm this - I certainly would (and take down the date and time of the call, plus the name of the operator. That way you can request the call recording if something unexpected happens).

    As for the contract side of things, look through the terms and conditions to see what it specifies as not being a change of contract. As you say, many service providers now include an increase in service charges inline with RPI as being within contract terms. If it does not specify otherwise, then you can state that you believe this is a change of terms, entitling you to have the contract terminated without any fees. However, be prepared to have a few back and forth letters - companies don't like to give in to contract annulments without a fight.

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    nice one, thanks for the advice.

    I'll give it a go and report back


    wow i was just gonna move from virgin media to plusnet

    having second thoughts now

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    wow i was just gonna move from virgin media to plusnet having second … wow i was just gonna move from virgin media to plusnet having second thoughts now

    it's still REALLY good value given the cashback deals they do and I'm happy with the service, just if I can get out of it now that over a ton in cashback has paid out then i will.

    You can leave. It's not just line rental that is increasing it's call plans. You can take your broadband and phone to another company penalty free.

    However be prepared to pay a cessation fee of £30 if you transfer to certain ISP's (LLU; sky etc)

    As you are 6 months into it and have paid upfront it might be cheaper actually staying at Plusnet.

    You might want to check the T&C's. As it may be going up as line rental is going up to £15.95.
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