Plusnet Increasing Prices - Leave contract early without Fees

Posted 23rd Oct
The prices for all of the following broadband packages (that don't include line rental) are going up by £2/month from 3 December:

Unlimited Broadband
Plusnet Value with 10GB usage allowance
Unlimited Fibre
Unlimited Fibre Extra
Plusnet Extra with 60GB usage allowance
Plusnet Essentials with 10GB usage allowance

Also Call prices so I'm assuming you can get rid of your landline contract

This is basically from MSE but who just thought I should make more aware
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This should be in discussions
Matzi200023/10/2019 19:19

This should be in discussions

I guess but this type of stuff before in deals so idk
Matzi200023/10/2019 19:19

This should be in discussions

Indeed. Just like my similar thread about vodafone raising prices.
Maybe more people will see it in the deals and change supplier.
Heat for the heads up
Norseg23/10/2019 19:20

I guess but this type of stuff before in deals so idk

They changed the terms and conditions beginning of oct
thanks for the heads up !!!
Matzi200023/10/2019 19:22

They changed the terms and conditions beginning of oct

Huh it just changed guess you're right
Moved from Plusnet to Now broadband a few months ago... Got extra free calls, cashback and better broadband quality. Recommend Now
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Definitely looking out for the best deal at the moment
If your in contract is the price not fixed?
Ivanmac1123/10/2019 21:41

If your in contract is the price not fixed?

Check your bills.

What if you're on a fixed price contract?Our fixed price broadband contracts will do exactly what you'd expect – your prices won't change until your contract expires. At that point the new prices will come in to play.

However, you'll still be affected by the changes to call plans, call rates, and TV.

When your fixed price contract is coming to an end, we'll send you an end of contract reminder and offer you an account review.
I'm looking around speed's been inconsistent for the past month with PlusNet, post office is the cheapest I can find atm
So presumably the £2 per month increase should only affect Plusnet customers who are on a no line rental, no annual contract broadband deal on 3rd December and then any customers who decide to renew their fixed price contracts after that date.
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The email they sent out was terribly unclear - it seems there is a £2 increase for broadband users but interestingly it wasn't said that Plusnet will no longer be providing broadband only to new signups after this year, it was said on the members' community forum that any new Plusnet contract for broadband must include phone after this year LINK.... I have fibre broadband and although the price is going up £2, it's still quite competitive and I don't want to bundle phone&broadband together. Also it's a 99.999% relibable, fast service and I don't want to risk losing that just to save a £1 or 2.

I imagine this is part of bringing Plusnet / EE and BT pricing and plans into some sort of alignment. I'm surprised they haven't just merged the 3 into BT but perhaps they believe EE and Plusnet still have a perceived brand value seperate to BTs
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