plusnet 'line rental saver' pulled, so I'm tied in to a rip off line rental deal

Posted 18th May 2021
i resigned to Home BB last year £8 a month Fibre, contract ends Sept 2022,
i used to pay line rental saver for the landline £190 for 12 months every June (works out circa £15-16 a month) so package worked out as £23-24 a month..

plusnet have now pulled the line rental saver, and my contract will revert to £20.29 a month rolling 1m contract.

my bills will now be over £28 a month,

plusnet retention team refuse to budge i cannot cancel my broadband without penalty fees and they refuse to do a deal on line rental.. i have stated they have missold my broadband.

anyone any recommedations, on uswitch i can see deals for £22, i do not use the landline as a phone. i just need fibre broadband.

i've made a complaint to ofcom, as plusnet insist on un-syncing contract end dates of its products broadband and line rental to effectively mean you are never totally out of contract without incurring higher monthly fees.
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