Plz help buying a Lumix Camera xxxx

    Hi there, I am looking to buy my Mum a camera for Xmas but would like to get it between £80-£100 or a really good deal.
    I have a Panasonic TZ7 and really like the Panasonic range. I was wandering and hoping if any kind experts out there could help me find a decent camera at a good price? I have tried but I am not that technical and I just want to get the best camera that I can get for my money- I can also stretch a bit more if needs be. Any help is much appreciated xxx

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    Thanks for that is it a good camera for the price? x

    Don't know that camera specifically, but from experience of 2 different Lumix models, I think it is a great range, and this is the cheapest I could see this camera at.

    Here's a review which is promising…tml

    Like you we love our TZ7 So you may want to try the FS7. I bought one for a Christmas present for somebody that wanted a really good camera, but small and light weight. Not HD video capable but very nice camera and I think a bargain at…OLE

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    Thanks a lot it is great to be able to come on here and have help I have repped you both xx

    I have a FS7 and it is a great lightweight camera and very easy to use, would recommend it.
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