plz help whats this on the bmw steering wheel? and seat?

    not sure what these logos mean?…jpg

    does it mean i can talk handsfree/bluettoth if so how do i make it to work?…jpg

    whats the m symbol mean?

    thanks in advance


    go to bmw website

    The 'm' symbol is probably memory - you should be able to have 2 memory settings.

    second if you have bluetooth enabled

    no manual with the car?

    I agree with the above answers

    Off the top of my head you press and hold the m in when you find the position you like then when it's moved when pressed again it returns to this position

    1st is memory seats it has 2 memories, it will also remember the electric mirror positions

    2nd is that if you have a phone fitted or blue tooth then use that button - not all older BMW's had bluetooth but could control a wired handset that was factory fitted.

    Pressing the ‘M’ button on the steering wheel triggers the least int … Pressing the ‘M’ button on the steering wheel triggers the least intrusive amount of stability control, along with the most aggressive level of power delivery, more responsive steering and a sportier setting for the electronically-controlled dampers.…er/

    I think BMW like the M button for many things lol

    Top picture is Electric seats. The top big button is for back angle and the bottom big button is for forwards and back. The red M button is for memory settings. so to program your seat press 1 and adjust to your liking them press m (long press I think), then press 2 to adjust, to say, your wife then press M (Long press to save again) then when you get into the seat again just press the 1 button (Long press until everything stops). Repeat for your wife.

    The steering wheel buttons are Phone (if fitted) or Bluetooth phone (If fitted) or if nothing fitted, mute stereo (I think! I am going off memory, I don't have my beemer any more!)

    Hope that helps!

    P.S. Why didn't you just press the buttons to try?!

    EDIT: EDIT: It might be M then 1 AFTER adjusting. My memory aint that great! Try it.

    Original Poster

    thankyou everybody for your help

    the m button releases a missile.. i think....

    Muck! Give It A Clean
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