Posted 30th Nov 2022 (Posted 9 h, 22 m ago)
I've been thiniking about one of those capsule/pod machine for a while (even though my son will kill me as he works for Costa). So what Im after is a few cheap options for a machine that can use resuable/refillable pods as I have a cupboard full of costa ground coffee and I hate using a cafetiere.
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    In your situation I'd recommend binning off the idea of a pod machine, we've had a few and have tried the refillable pods but never found they work well, and it's such a faff to use them.
    I'd look at a espresso machine or a cheap bean to cup machine (that takes pre ground coffee), they cost a bit more than the pod machines but you'll get that money back with the cost saving from buying ground coffee/beans over the pods. especially is the ground coffee is free .

    Something like this maybe…516
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    Nespresso machines are the best in my opinion as lots of companies do compatible pods to fit
    Thanks for that but didnt want supermarket compatibles, I wanted refillables.Think I'm gonna go for the espresso machine since Ive got stacks of Costa ground coffee that needs using. (edited)
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    Yeah thats nice, I've already bought that Sage one now though. Thanks for the replies people.
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    No idea. I only have moka pot and areopress.
    Have a look at facebook market place first if you don't mind secondhand. i always see ppl selling them (edited)
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    I can recommend completely disregarding the Costa pods, they're horrible!! I bought into the Tassimo system because I like Costa coffee, but the pods are not even close. It has to be a different coffee, I don't know how it can be so different.

    I do have a reusable pod for the Tassimo, it works 'ok' but it doesn't have a 'grande' setting so it never really worked for me. And it's a bit fiddly to clean out. I think other systems have better refillables to be honest.
    Thanks. I havent got Costa pods though, Ive got Costa packets of ground coffee, the same stuff they use in their stores. Whats a grande setting, is that just large?
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    I've found most pod machines a bit rubbish to be honest, apart from my Nespresso but that doesnt really fit the bill of what you're looking for. Have you looked into the possibility of buying an Aeropress? They're cheap, really easy to use, make great coffee and you could use up your coffee stocks with one. (edited)
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    I have a stovetop pot that I love, it makes quite a strong coffee that I mix with hot milk and a bit of hot water. Mine was from IKEA and it's stainless steel. Obviously not comparable to a coffee machine, but I enjoy the coffee it makes a lot. (edited)
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