Poet Laureate?

    There once was a man named Bright,
    Who drove at the speed of light.
    He went out one day, in a relative way,
    And got back the previous night.

    ...anyone got any better to be considered for the title 'HUKD Poet Laureate'?

    To be judged by the praise/profanty of the HUKD community.


    T'was a forum called Hot UK Deals,
    Always offering many good steals,
    Full of good laughs and fun, 'cheaps you'll find by the ton,
    And the occasional vouchers for meals.

    Sorry that was crap...

    Im not sure of the facts on this one...

    There once was a man named black gerbil,
    Who had the same fan base as Goebbels.
    Went speeding one day, in a beamer he say,
    got locked up and ass is now purple. :w00t:

    there once was a man named ray
    who went out for a hike one day
    came back about one, hukd he logged on
    now hes sellin go go hamsters on ebay

    Poetry not a hit on hotuk then.
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