Point and Click Adventure Game Suggestions Please xx

Found 2nd Jan 2010
My 73 year old Uncle and I recently discovered the game Machinarium, which we loved. We've since completed Samorost and are about to tackle Samorost 2.
If anyone could recommend some similar games, we'd be very grateful. Minimal keyboard use if possible, or point and click would be ideal. We'd rather something without alot of text to read and without a detailed storyline to remember.
Thank you so much, all suggestions are welcome and as many as you can please (we've become rather hooked!)
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Pinched this list off another site so i don't know how good they are, but they were all well recommended

Shift 2
Little Wheel
Haluz 2
The Black Forest

I think they are all free to play as well
WELL, you do know of Monkey island games, Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max, bit cartooney but classics
the new monkey island games are terrible
Thanks, I'll look into those!
Any more?:)
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