Pokemon Arceus Code Event Help! (GAME)


Can someone please give me a code. I have no GAME Stores around my area and no one could take me that far just to get this code. The nearest one near me is around 1hour 45 mins drive by car. I would really appreciate if someone would give me a code. This is one of my favourite pokemon and i really want it. I would be very dissapointed if i missed this chance of getting arceus for free. Can someone help me please.



I'm not sure where in the UK is 1hr and 45minutes from a Game store by car.

The fact that this is your 2nd post asking for freebies and you've given nothing back to the community is a bit disappointing. Your last post had 2 offers for what you were looking for and as far as I can tell with no reply from you. I'd recommend you consider some of the suggestions made on your last post basically asking for the same thing i.e. call the nearest store.

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yes i know, im not familier with how this app works, i did message the guy who offered me and he gave me a spare code. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

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Can anyone help me please
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