Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch - £59.99 @ GAME

Found 26th Jan
No big news atm, but you can pre-order on GAME! AND that means it will probably come out later this year.

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And the deal is?...

Pre order on a title we know nothing about . . . The price isn’t even competitive for a Switch game.
No rush at this price
What is this nonsense
It doesn't mean it will come out this year at all
£60 pre-order on a product with no confirmed release date, no trailers, no solid information, not even a screenshot to go off?

I get that it might be exciting news for some but the deals section of HUKD is about just that - good deals. There's other places online, both around HUKD and on other sites, that are more suitable for speculation/ discussion on something like this.
I'd rather just throw my money in the sky and hope for the best
Pre-order what? Has this been announced by Nintendo?
If anyone’s interested I’m willing to take pre-orders of this game for only £57
Posted deals at HUKD have hit an all time low with this one.
Pre-order this mystery game, for full price - you may see it soon, you may see it in a couple of years....
I hope this doesn't put you off posting deals in the future OP, a lot of us have had our own duds :).
They hadn't even started the game when they announced it. They aren't building a completely new engine for a fully 3D Pokemon game in a year! Catch yourself on, it'll be late 2019/early 2020 at the earliest.
This game sells the Switch to me that if it's a main series Pokémon game. I just really hope it isn't a real time battling system like people have rumoured.
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