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Found 4th Sep 2005
Cheapest good quality decks for poker games at home.

Sick of spotting the Aces on the crappy decks we use now.

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you could go for some "invisable" cards from prezzybox.com

Ive got some, theyre great. Made out of transparent plastic, and the backs are covered so the person at the other end cannot see what hand uve got.

Only problem is they are slightly slippery, but u can soon get used to them.

They are £5.95 with £2.95 p&p. You could try the Promo code of "SKINT" however I do not know if it has experied yet or not. But that gives you £5 off making the cards 95p

Link to Cards

What type of poker do you play? Texas Hold 'em? Because thats the only poker I play.

oooh poker... i love poker!! i play texas holdem and 7 card stud...

we should have a hotuk tournament!!
urgh .. 7 card stud .. cant stand it lol too many cards on one hand.

Id deffo be in for a hukd tournament. Id win u all at texas hold'em :-p

hukd tournament sounds like a grand idea. No Limit texas hold 'em. I'd be well up for that!
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