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    My brother wants some good poker chips for christmas but I never played poker in my life and don't know what sort of chips to look for and how much a good price for them is. I want to get him some nice looking and good quality ones but I don't want to spend a fortune at the same time. Please let me know if you know a good place to buy them from.


    Not sure about a price, but from memory you can get 3 types.
    Plastic covered but with a metal insert to acheive 11.5 grams of weight
    Clay casino style chips

    The price will increase from plastic through to clay as does the desirabilit , you should be able to get the 11.5 gram insert ones cheap enough to not bother with plastic only.

    Quick look finds these, decent start point for your search.…696…092

    As above, make sure they are a decent weight (11.5) as it adds to the game, lightweight chips are terrible.

    Strangely drinkstuff sell on amazon cheaper than their own site, the 300 chip set is £19 on there delivered.
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