Found 13th Apr 2010
Hi all,

My 10yr old son got Pokemon Soulsilver for his birthday last week. He lost the Pokewalker yesterday and is devastated.
Does anyone know where I can buy one on it's own or does anyone have one that is not being used and are willing to sell?
Please help, I have trawled the internet looking for one, amazingly there aren't any on Ebay!

Many thanks in advance

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My son did the same thing. I went back to WH Smith and they kindly gave me another two in case he mislays another. Good service.

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Thanks for that. Tried my local WHSmith store, nearest GAME store and Tesco where I bought it from. No luck. Pretty sure the guy in Tesco had absolutely no idea what I was talking about!!

Nintendo's US site sells them for $14.99 but will only ship to US addresses. I have emailed Nintendo UK, so fingers crossed

Hi - Same problem here - both my kids have lost theirs this week! I'm tearing my hair out searching the house, but no joy. Also saw the US support site - why don't we get the same level of support from Nintendo Europe!?

I have spoken to Codestorm this morning (Nintendo UK Customer Support) and they have said that pricing and availability of replacement Pokewalkers in the UK is imminent.

If you send an email to [email protected], they will be sending out details of replacements as soon as the info comes in (hopefully before the end of this week apparently).

Pokewalkers are now available to order from Nintendo UK at a cost of £13.95, incl P&P

You need to order over the phone, by calling 0870 6060247 or by sending a cheque/PO (made payable to "Codestorm RE Nintendo") to:

Nintendo Service Centre, CoDEstorm House, Walton Road, Farlington, Hampshire, PO6 1TR

The Pokewalkers are being shipped from Germany, so may take up to 28 days to deliver, apparently

mine ended up going through the washing machine, i just drying it out now, dont hold much hope of it working though...

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