Police sunglasses.

    Dose anyone know a good place to get a good deal on Police sunglasses?
    A decent pair seem to average about £100 online.
    But ive never bought sunglasses online before so i dont know the best place to look
    Any help would be great.


    just avoid ebay - you'll end up with fakes!


    Just give it a quick google and see what comes up have a good selection if you want to pay normal price from the UK or you can buy from [url][/url]. I bought them from here in Euros and with the current exchange rate I got a top line pair for £70 incl delivery.


    Oh, are these the ones with the built in camera?

    I took a gamble on a pair from here…181
    unfortunately i'm not convinced they are genuine. Should have know the price was too good to be true! Any advice on how to tell? First pair of police i've worn, the soft case is not very well made. I need to be 100% sure before I send 'em back so i might take them into a shop to get a professional opinion. Will let u know what they say.

    just got back from d&a where the guy working there reckons they are genuine after all (unless they are the best fakes he's ever seen). He said every thing about them looked right. Was just that the panel with the logo on was coming away from the rest of the case due to the glue not setting right. Not sure if I could have sent the case back for a replacement as I've glued it back on myself. So looks like they were a bargain after all.
    littlewoods clearance on ebay also sell police at knockdown prices.
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