Police to contact 300 people whos phones have been tapped

    How long do we allow the press to "police " themselves? They cant be trusted to work within the law of the land.
    I work with highly sensitive information every day and would never breach that confidentialy.
    STOP BUYING THE SUN AND NEWS OF THE WORLD.BOYCOTT Seems the only way to stop this practice.


    Sky News are saying its 3,000 people.

    "BOYCOTT Seems the only way to stop this practice"

    What's Geoffrey going to do? :-)

    While major news corporations continue to be owned by rich individuals they will always be corrupt, and self serving. Rather than look to expose the real problems in society they look to distract rubbish about "celebrities" and to influence the political situation to their own advantage by gathering private information on the very politicians they help put into power. They thrive off the atmosphere of fear by our politicians while turning a a massive blind eye to those that are pushing thier agenda.

    I couldn't join a boycott as I never buy these rags anyway.

    As technology advances, this sort of imposition will occur more frequently. Before we know it all of us will be on camera while we work, rest and play
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