Policeman Attacked By Cows!


    As if they all ganged up on him....

    Anyone seen Kung-Pow?…jpg


    I was nearly hurt in a stampede of cows when I was walking the dog too. I didn't dare go in the field for a month! I remember leaping over a fence and falling flat on my face before leaning back over to pull the dog to safety.


    Cows are evil.


    Cows are evil.:|

    I agree, they have that creepy look in their eye!

    I live on a farm with 250 cows. Once, somebody had left our back door open on a summers day and a wandering cow looked inside and saw itself in a big mirror at the end of the hallway, so it walked inside thinking there were other cows inside! Went in our front room, that was scary!

    I read about that - must have been really scared

    omg kung pow is the best film ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I always liked the one about the copper and his police dog running away from the pigs, last year.


    There's public footpaths near me that go through herds of cows. :-(



    There's public footpaths near me that go through herds of cows. :-(

    Just use your car from now on then :lol:

    Was once a student in Newcastle. The cows roam in the city feilds....very odd to see and walk past them on your way to Uni every the city

    i live in a rural area and we hear of this quite often, certainly every month in the summer. with the increase in ramblers and their dogs the herds are becoming more aggressive.

    in most cases its the dog the cows are chasing. it happened to a friend who was fell running recently and he had to let the dog go, once he did that and yelled at the cows they backed off.
    the dog fortunately waited just out of the field. the poor animal has also been attacked by sheep as well. its not just the cows that are behaving this way.
    if you do go walking over agriculural land make sure you have permission and are very aware of whats happening.
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