Policy Expert Home Insurance

    Hi I'm looking to take out my home insurance with policy expert this year, does anyone have any idea what they are like? what's there refer a friend scheme like? Thanks.


    I've been with them 2 years and unfortunately do not know about their refer a friend scheme. Never had to make a claim which is the only way you can judge if they are any good. I'm due for renewal shortly and have found a cheaper quote with British Gas it maybe worth giving them a ring.

    I made a claim from these last year and it was painless. I would def recommend.

    avoid at all costs, was with them last year, had home cover and needed to claim on my boiler as it was making a noise like it was going to explode, they refused to send anyone out as I couldn't prove it wasn't providing hot water as I switched it off, they said I had to switch it on even if it did blow the house up and if it made any hot water tough, and they have absolutely awful customer service
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