Politics and Economics news stories since December

    I need some ideas for my politics and economics homework for college haha. You see, I am supposed to analyse two news stories a week for politics and one for economics, but I have neglected to do it for around two months.

    Can anyone think of any good stories since December? Anything will do, you don't have to provide any links, just tell me what hapenned.

    Will give good rep to any answers, thank you v. much!


    brown's still his namesake and cameron's still a toff


    tiger woods affair
    iraq war is always fair game,
    wooten basset march
    Gary McKinnon extradition
    toyota cars brake failures/recall
    kevin smith too fat to fly
    airport scanners
    tesco bans shopping in pyjamas
    snow in south east england, runs out of salt
    dvla sells driver details and makes 44m

    President Obama loses Ted Kennedy's seat to the Republicans.
    Nicola Sturgeon SNP Deputy First Minister under pressure after trying to keep convicted fraudster out of jail.
    Expenses scandal MPs to get golden handshakes.
    Stamp duty threshold decreased to £125K from £175K.
    VAT increased to 17.5%.

    Inflation rate jumps to 2.9% 19/1/2010

    The City expected consumer prices to rise by 2.6%
    UK inflation rose at its fastest annual pace for nine months in December.

    The Office for National Statistics said the Consumer Price Index (CPI) measure of inflation had risen to 2.9%, up from an annual rate of 1.9% in November.

    That was the biggest jump in the annual rate from one month to the next since records began, and exceeded the City's expectations of an increase to 2.6%.

    The Retail Price Index (RPI), which includes housing costs, rose to 2.4%, its highest level since November 2008…stm
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