Poll : Strait or Gay?


    Its good to see in this politically correct mad world we now live, that politicians can sometimes raise a wry smile.

    See below



    Original Poster Banned

    Original Poster Banned

    inb4 someone wants 2 votes!

    Tri actually :?

    I'm just not sure what way to go :whistling:

    would never vote for anyone called becky:whistling:

    They're both Republican :shock:

    Original Poster Banned


    They're both Republican :shock:

    You can be strait or gay and republican you know!:-D

    [ ] OP is strait
    [x] OP is gay

    lul wut

    I'm curious!!!;-),0.jpg

    Not too sure.

    Like a lot of things in life it's a matter of timing. :thumbsup:

    in b4 op is accused of being homophobic


    in b4 boothy is accused of being racist :whistling:


    in b4 op is accused of being homophobic



    Epic Fail.

    depends if I'm in the mood to talk afterwards or not ;-)

    old news

    Original Poster Banned

    Spot the ones sitting on the fence!

    Inb4 trips to the gym gets mentioned!
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