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Found 16th Jan 2010
Hope someone can help me please. I am official brewer upper at my local Fat Fighters and so far we have been buying packs of 40 cups suitable for hot drinks (have to be poly not paper or plastic as old dears or younguns could burn themselves) from local pound shop but recently we have ran out and awaiting stock. Please can someone suggest a store or site that will be as cheap or better?
Need asap and we are in Bolton but can travel a little out of the way if a good enough deal.

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Hi havent been able to find any that you can collect but have found a website that does next day delievry dont know if its will be any use but may be worth a look


Would it be cheaper and better for evironment to just buy mugs?....go to charity shop?

Morrisons usually sell them

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Thanx guys, I found some finally in town. packs of 50 for £1 so got a few. Getting mugs is more eco but when making cups of tea, coffee etc... for everyone a mug just makes things more difficult. Someone has then got to store lots of them or remember to fetch them plus someone has to wash them to reuse. I have a system and put out a few cups full of tea and coffee and people choose what they want.
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