POM POMS - wheres the best place (cheap & quick) to get them from!

Found 19th Sep 2008
Long Shot i know,

But does anyone know of a good online store when i can get some POM POMS from (you know what cheerleaders use)

I need 20 sets & need them quick.

Thanks in advace for any details

Regards - ''Cannie''
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claires accessories-but im not sure if its cheap.x
:)a got my daughters from the pound shop for last halloween can have a look when a go up the street for you they arent top quality they are made from plastic handle and pink and lilac shiny foil strands would be ok if there for halloween??
I got my daughter some last week from Asda, Coventry, they had pink, orange or red one, reduced in the summer toy sale to 98p. Haven't been in since last week so i don't know if they have any left but they did have tonnes last week.
Try Asda
OK thanks guys.

My daughter runs a dance class & they are going to be doing a HIGH School MUSICAL number - hence the request.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

very much appreciated
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