Pond Filter/Pump On or Off for Winter - Sensible Comments Please?

Posted 12th Nov 2011
Sensible comments please.

Can I switch off my outside pond pump for the winter or does it have to run 24/7 all year?

If I can switch it of,f when should it be switched off and then on again?

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not much of a deal, cold
Sensible post please.

not much of a deal, cold

Could be as good a deal as your previous deals on Ryanair, Virgin etc, etc - know what I mean? What sort of deals were they?
Wrong Place my friend!
Needs to have filtration system cleaned and pump should be run at least once a week to make sure it does not seize up.
cold from me.

But in response - turn it off when it starts to freeze, the water will pump up over the ice and kill any fish you have. Best thing to do is put a football in your pond overnight, when you wake up take the football off so there is a hole for air to get in the water..

Thats assuming you have fish in there..
Sensible comments please. Then post a sensible question are there fish in the pond?
if its a filtered pond leave it on ours stays on all year

if its a filtered pond leave it on ours stays on all year

I agree - leave it on all year as the water is unlikely to freeze around the pump, due to the water movement. The local birds really appreciate the access to water in the winter as they still need to drink and to keep their plummage clean. If it does freeze over, switch off the pump until you've made a hole in the ice. Whatever you do, do not break the ice on a frozen pool that has fish in it by smashing it, the shockwaves will very likely kill the fish.
same here leave the filter and pump running all year ,found that last year when it got really cold it helps to stop the pond freezing over and also keeps pond oxygenated,the pond never froze at the bottom of the waterfall and that was even when it was as low as minus 16
oh turned his of last week left a couple of footballs on top
The pump does more than just move water around. It contains bacteria that will keep the water clean and healthy, it also adds oxygen to the pond with the surface movement. Chances are that the water won't freeze with the pump on, my advice is keep it on all the time.
As above,leave it running all year round,should get better answer to your question on here:

When's best of year 2 give yr pond a good clean please,plus how much should u take out cheers
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