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Found 27th Aug 2008
Hi all,

Just wanted to know if anyone knows if its possible to change the names on the confirmation and how much it costs if you can,

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hi as far as i know you can ring and change name on the confirmation, but unsure if there is a charge,hope that helps

I have a friend who gave her holiday to someone, she thinks she/or they paid about £10.

I cant be 100% but im sure it was done.

Hope this helps
Last year my best friends boy was ill in hospital and my family and i swapped our holiday dates for Butlins and previously my parents have gone in my place to Haven. On each occasion handing over the booking form was all that was needed. If you check on the booking form it will advise you if you need proof of name - if you don't have proof of name then you will be fine.

I hope this helps.
never had to show proof of who i am to pointins, only a booking form
I bought a cheap pontins holiday on ebay, I was sent all the paperwork, I jus showed that and was never asked for i.d. You can pay £10 to get the name changed tho if you are concerned about it. x
I'd give it away - I'd rather stick hot needles in my eyes then ever set foot in a Pontins ever again. The accommodation is NASTY, it stinks & the restaurants are like cattle markets.

Leave well alone & book Centreparcs
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