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Found 6th Jul 2008
Well I can image a few of us that won the recent free trips to Pontins have either been, are there or will be going soon.

I'm taking the kids soon and we're all really looking forward to what will be a different holiday for us. Single mothers beware!

Can anyone that has been offer some tips please? I'd be interested in just what the accmodation offers, I managed to get a classic upgrade and just missed out on the club. What is the fridge like, any room for frozen food? Is the cooker any use, has it an oven for example and should I take a microwave as the classic do not have them?

Any good tips will receive rep and will not only go towards making our little trip more fun but I am sure will allow others to plan and take that all important little thing that otherwise we might not have bothered with.
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which pontins?? just so we can avoid it-lol
I take it you're going in a caravan?

Best thing about going in the caravans is fry ups!

Fridges tend to be a decent size...cant remember if they have freezer however, think it may just be a small section.
We went to Hemsby in June - had a really good time. We also stayed in the classic and it was ok - bit gotty but I kind of expected it. The kids had the single beds in the seperate room and we stayed on the bed settee - the most uncomfortable thing ever. We had to ask for another duvet too because I think they must have given us a single!! The fridge has a small freezer compartment and there is an oven which we used once and was fine. The bath is tiny, I mean really tiny but there is a shower too. Don't forget towels (can hire) or loo roll! wahing up liquid, t-towel, kitch roll etc.. We had a fab time but I wasn't expecting too much re accom. so wasn't dissappointed! The entertainment was good - kids loved it, which is all that matters really.

I take it you're going in a caravan? Best thing about going in the … I take it you're going in a caravan? Best thing about going in the caravans is fry ups!Fridges tend to be a decent size...cant remember if they have freezer however, think it may just be a small section.

I think they're all chalets aren't they? - certainly were at Hemsby anyway. Still, your right about the fry ups!!
freezer is usually small compartment at top of fridge,
do u have a slow cooker?i would highly recommend u take one and prep a casserole/soup/curry etc before u go out.u can leave it on all day
than when u get home after being out all day your food will be ready and u can still get to the club early enough to get a seat for the eve entertainment

th cookers in the chalets are so slowww! and usually they do not have seperate oven and grill
North Wales, so you can avoid it..

Thanks for the pointers so far (rep left) Thought the fridge might have a small freezer compartment so mostly tinned or fresh stuff then. As long as it can chill a can of beer I should be fine. Also going to pack a toaster as you cannot beat a toasted bacon butty.
i am going too its only 30 mins drive for us (i have a baby that doesnt travel well) we also went there in feb
we are going 21-25th july
they have toasters in the chalets,the showers are like a push and hold button in type,try to arrive early to get a parking space ner chalet as its hell unloading and going back and fourth to car
have u recieved your vouchers yet?
buy the kids the drink cups and take bottles of coke to the club to refill
there is a somerfield just around the corner and there is a market on just over the bridge not sure what days though
there is a massive car boot and market in rhyl on a sat and sun at tir prince
let me know if u want to know any places to visit etc

We just got back from Southport Pontins about half an hour ago and was going to come on here and make some comments but saw this post first. They were all chalets, we were booked into a budget one and were absolutely mortified when we opened the door to it. After a 3 hour drive we had been looking forward to just a nice sit down and a cuppa, but it was just so filthy. Went straight back to reception to report this, the lady looked as though she was half expecting us back and gave us keys to another chalet, this was only very slightly better but still filthy - black mould in the kids bedrooms on the walls and round the windows. Went back again, and again and finally got to speak to the park manager after seeing 4 chalets. They upgraded us to a Classic chalet with 2 bedrooms at no extra cost, and it was only the fact it was 9pm that we decided to stay, so if yours is bad, just tell them, they will try to charge you extra for upgrading no doubt as they tried with us but we were having none of it.

Anyway, the fridge didn't have a freezer compartment nor was there a microwave. I highly recommend you take your own crockery and cutlery as well as pans if you will be cooking in there, possibly a kettle if you have space in the car. Also the usual washing up liquid, anti bacterial/bleach sprays, cloths, tea towels etc. I took all of these, but quite honestly couldn't face cooking a meal in the kitchen, so we ate out the whole time! As for the beds, its best not to look - and if you have kids with you I would take them a sleeping bag each and their own pillows from home. I would recommend taking slippers or footwear to be worn indoors too, the flooring is not nice to say the least.

As for drinks in the club, there is a leaflet in the welcome pack with money off coupons. You can get a 16oz pepsi glass for £1.99 and a voucher for a free refill. For adults, they have a 4 pint pitcher for £7.99 voucher, and a 3 for 2 on VK or WKD, worked out £6.80 for the 3 bottles. There didn't seem to be any security on the doors so you could very easily take your own bottles of these in and nobody would bat an eyelid. For the 2 nights we spent in the club, not one person came collecting empties from our table, so we didn't need to hide any of the bottles that we took in for the kids.

There were quad bikes, zipwire and karting for the kids, but you need to book these and they are £5 for each! Apparently if you book in advance by phone they are 3 for £10. They are all weather dependent, so if it is pouring down they will provide alternative activities and you won't get your money back!!

I don't know what to say about the entertainment, I guess it depends on the ages of your kids, but it isn't a patch on Haven/Park Resorts/Butlins but all the staff did seem to make jokes about how **** Pontins is! They do there club dance things, and all that, all I can remember is a dance that involves the line bum, titty, bum, titty, bum bum bum!!! Classy or what

The state of the chalets made us feel dirty, and even felt dirty after coming out of the pool. The pool had lots of floaty bits in it so be warned, and just make sure you are up to date with all your immunisations :? The showers in the ladies changing rooms were absolutely red hot and not suitable for children at all, we reported this as did some other families but there wasn't anything they could do about it apparently and they didn't have any warning signs anywhere.

I can honestly say that we won't ever visit another Pontins after our visit to Southport. I'm so pleased it was a free holiday, if we had paid even 10p we would have felt ripped off! I know lots of families go there and probably have a fabulous time, so just hope you do!

Hope some of this helps someone

(p.s. we have booked and paid for 5 days in Prestatyn Sands on 21st July for £40, if anyone wants this for £40 let us know! )
prestatyn sands is ok,
but someone will def buy it of u,put up a post in the for sale section
ive been to brean prestatyn sands and wall park devon all are a holiday for me away from home
for pontins blackpool-
read amanda fs post!!!
when someone catches something they will shut these places down..and we PAID for it!!!!!!!!!!!
:just back today from pontins in southport worst holiday ever accomadation and centre filthy
jan bailie;2470619

:just back today from pontins in southport worst holiday ever … :just back today from pontins in southport worst holiday ever accomadation and centre filthy

i complained and they wrote back and said they couldnt do anything! didnt get any refund at all!
Disgusting company altogether!
:)got back yesterday from southport friday to monday one of the freebies,wasent expecting much as it was free,the challet was deffo in need of a revamp the carpet what was left of it was full of fag burns had to wash the plates cups ect before using them ,the sofa in the living room omg im in pain bruized all over from the springs lol went in to town got some mugs and a cuttlery set ,had takin my own frying pan with me the fridge and cooker ect were clean and was a great we fridge kept the juice and food really cold:)
we only used it as a base went in to town a lot to the mecca bingo and there a great shop B&M its called loads a bargains to be had:)
the on site captain cod takeaway and the sfc burger and chicken place were very resonably priced jumbo sausage £1 and a cheese burger £1.10
:)overall it was good only thing that put us of was the 3 and a half hour drive down

:?ps be aware if you go into town and park at morrisons its only a 2 hour stay think were expecting a fine through in a week or 2 we were parked for about 2 hours 40 mins got back to the car and she was out taking number plates we thought it was a 3 hour stay like the ones we have in scotland will just have to wait and see

enjoy your hols
We had a 5 day break at Camber Sands. We stayed one night then came home - it was soooo bad. The apartment was filthy. The floor hadn't been vacuumed, the curtains were mouldy, the toilet hadn't been cleaned (use your imagination, yuck), beds were falling to bits and the place had a horrible dirty smell to it. There was no privacy as there were apartments directly in front of you and behind, unless you closed your curtains. It was like an episode from The Royle Family

I'm surprised we actually stayed one night, but we really wanted a day on Camber Sands which incidentally was one of the best beaches I've been to in this country. We couldn't be bothered to complain as they would still keep us at Pontins! Different matter entirely if we had paid. Never ever again.

With regard to bringing in your own alcohol people were bringing in boxes of the stuff without anyone saying anything to them.

Just because we had a bad time doesn't mean to say you will, fingers crossed that you have a lovely time :-D
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