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Found 26th Sep 2007
i need a loan of 5k and my credit is shot to peaces need due to 5ks worth of debt i just cant afford any ideas or suggestions?
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Contact the citizens advice bureau before the **** hits the fan mate.

You can at least work out a payment plan to pay it all back. They are pretty friendly too.

Getting another loan is a bad idea because of the payments you would have to make. They would be much lower with Credit Councilling Service. :thumbsup:
Also they will contact the credit card companies and arrange to freeze your debts so you will avoid huge monthly fees which you are probably paying back now. Which is hundreds as you probably know!

You can pay back what you can afford every month and you will get no more hassle from the credit card companies. They are not allowed to hassle you once you arrange to pay back through the CCS.

You might sleep at night then! :giggle:

Just in case you need it mate.
you can try welcome finance, but if you dont pay they will get nasty!! another idea is trying a company called gregory pennington who are debt managers but they will charge a fee for it. i use them and have had no probs, but as pp said citizens advise is foc. good luck!
I wouldn't recommend Welcome.

From a conversation I had only last week with somebody in a similar field to mine Welcome Finance are not liked in the courts due to some of their tactics.
capital one are ment to be good if u have a poor credit rating.
how about zopa
HI my boyf is in exactly the same situation, the most anyone would offer him was 2k, try debts.co.uk, they offered to pay all his debts off for him and he's paying back £100 a month, They originally wanted him to pay £260 but he explained his situation and they lowered it. really worth a try mate!!
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