Poor Credit Rating - You can still get a contract phone

Found 26th Mar 2008
Well i was able to anyway.
Ordered a W880i on the Flext 25 tariff @ £20 a month through Quidco for £40 cashback, on the T-Mobile site.
I used my solo card - which they debit £2 and then refunded straight away - plus entered direct debit details for monthly payments.
2nd email was recieved only 2 hours later confirming delivery would be today.
Quidco has also tracked at £40.
I was surprised as other providers had turned me down.
Thus thought this might be of use to anyone else with poor credit.

But my story doesn't end there as i recieved my phone today, but it wasn't what i ordered. Instead i have recieved a W580i.
So phoned them up and to cut a long story short as i was transferred 7 times, and gave them the bit about 'If this is the way you treat new customers, blah, blah, blah' I spoke to a supervisor and negotiated the following.

They set up a 2nd line of my account so they can order me a new phone for delivery tomorrow, whilst they send out the packaging for me to return the incorrect one.

They have allowed me to have an N95 for free on the Flext 35 web&walk tariff for £25 a month for a contract term of 18months. Plus i get free weekend calls.
They confirmed this isn't a claim-back cost - i will be debited only £25 each month, and they have also added £25 credit to my account.

Now for most of you with good credit ratings i appreciate this isn't the best deal you could get, but for someone who has a poor credit rating and has been turned down elsewhere, I'm well impressed.

Hopefully this could be the start of a long thread identifying where those with poor credit can get a contract phone. Which will also help to improve your credit score as well.
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What about these offers where you get free consoles? im asking ask me CR is poop!
I believe it only works by going through the T-Mobile website and they don't offer consoles, and the ones that do, the free phones aren't much to look at.
t - mobile are pretty good, went through CPW for a phone and they didnt turn me down but didnt accpet me, phoned up t-mobile and apparently there was something on my experian report they didnt understand and offered me the contract with a £100 deposit refundable after 3 months, when i explained what the thing on experian meant they said fine forget about the deposit and the contract went through, been with them for two years now, when i got second contract on cashback deal, through quidco from cpw t-mobile accepted straight away
My OH who has really bad credit tried this yesterday and applied for a FREE LG Viewty on the Flext35 tariff - and like me was accepted - phone arrives today before 1pm.
So looks like it works not only on flext25, but also flext35 which has free weekend calls as well.
Sorry my question was complete **** thx for the info on the phones though
My hubby just got a contract phone with Tmobile and has bad credit history although improving as time goes on. He ordered MDA Compact III on email it said about W580i they were sending out but they didnt thank god!
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