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Found 24th Oct 2016
Hi Everyone

I just wanted to share my recent experience with Vodafone in buing the Vodafone Smartphone Ultra 6 handset from them.

It was last week. As I wanted the phone on the same day I did a search across various London stores for one that had it in stock and therefore available to collect on the same day. I duly placed my order, received the confirmational text and email for me to collect from the chosen store in the next two hours.

Once I got to the store without asking for my order number, the assistant asked for what phone I ordered, I said the name. He went away and came back to say they don't have that in stock as it's a very old phone. I then showed him my confirmational messages and again went back to check, ponly to come back ten minutes later to say he doesn't have it. What was strange was that there was no apology, he simply said I don't know what to advise you. I tried to explain that I came to this store which is 10 miles from me as I needed the phone today. I could have had it delivered for me to collect from a local store within 1-2 days. Again he was unable to help.

I left the store frustrated and went to working, looking for a number. There wasn't a number that catered for queries regarding orders. I called a number but the options seemed to be for current PAYG customers. I went to the online chat, having been passed from agent to agent, 1 eventually told me I need to call 191 (I did mention that I was not a Vodafone customer yet). THe agent was unable to give me copy of transcript for my reccords.

I called the number again and having got through to technical support, I spoke to someone, only to be transferred to 3 different people explaing the situation each time I had the order cancelled. However they were unable to tell me when I would receive money back or give me a reference number. I placed another order to collect from a John Lewis store.

I had even went to the Twitter and messaged there, I received a voicemail from someone two days later at 6am to ask for security questions. I have since checked my credit account account and can see that they have done a credit check twice?

I was able to pick up the handset from John Lewis, it all went smoothly apart from being asked to provide proof of address. I did not understand why this was required. I had the payment card, proof of ID, order email etc.

I have since sent complaint letter requesting to be compsensated as a goodwill gesture for the additional time spent chasing them on all this stuff. My questions are:

1. Why do they do credit check for Pay As You Go phone? It was done twice as I ordered twice, this will look bad on my credit file
2. How long should I wait before I can see my refund
3. Has anyone else received poor service like this

I will probably not buy from then again, I ordered from them simply for the handset.


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3. yes their service is awful. They were recently voted the worst mobile phone company by a large margin. I've just come out the other side of a battle with them but I had to involve the ombudsman since they seemed incapable of helping me.

Left voda myself after 16 years, the EE team are based in Dublin and once I called them from Ireland myself as I was there on business and the rep even reccomended a good local and a beer.

Beer and pub were both great.

yep. i emailed the ceo after weeks of problems and phonecalls and it was suddenly sorted. hassle them otherwise refund takes ages

They had always been brilliant with me, up until last year, I ordered a new contract sim from e2save, I contacted them via live chat to ask them to add that contract to my current account that I already have with them as I already have several contracts. They canceled that sim and sent me a new one instead of moving that number over to my account. I needed that number for my e2save cashback so had to keep calling them to sort it out, They eventually did but they still left charges on the new contract sim, was about £26 so had to contact them again and they closed the account and removed the charges etc.. I cancelled the direct debit they had set up too.

Checked my credit history and see a debt of £6 from vodafone, Absolutely disgusted, I will be leaving vodafone as soon as my contracts are up.

Good if you don't have a problem but beware if a problem occurs you're basically Naffed! Nearly 12 months to sort out problem out, passed from department to department, conversations not logged, no managers can help lies being told .. We know what's been said but can't prove it. When requested a listen to conversations only a certain department can do this (so they say) but need a good reason to. Call backs not happening, investigations not being set up! The list goes on and on. All because they sent us the wrong tablet which we promptly returned, only for them to start charging us (but not putting it on our bill) 6 months later!!

Good luck getting anywhere with a complaint to them! It took me six months to get a £100 refund back on a phone order I then cancelled. Spoke to online advisors well over 50 times was told different things each time, the staff in my local store are the rudest people i've ever come across in any retail store, and I spent over 24 hours in total on the phone to them. Absolutely horrendous company! In the end i was too exhausted with them to even make a formal complaint as it would mean yet more hassle and I was just thankful to get the money back.

Vodafone are well known for poor customer service just take a look on the TrustPilot website, uk.trustpilot.com/rev….uk

I had vodafone sim only for a year and was worried it would be a disaster as everyone says that they are so bad but never had a problem and always got through to customer service without a problem. May have been lucky.

Vodafone CS are shocking. They don't seem to know their a$$ from their elbow and you get bumped from person to person. I've been a "valued" customer for years now! The only reason I stay is their upgrades cannot be beaten.

Op your not alone, I dropped them over two years ago for bad service, in the end I had one of the top guys in the company call me and ask, what can we do to keep you? He even offered me a brand new phone for free, I told him where he needed to stick it. Awful company

I joined and left vodafone in a matter of 3 months on a PAYG phone as their service was absolutely shocking (especially the rude lady manager in Kingston) who couldn't figure out why my phone would not get any data access working for ages in addition to all my data allowance and minutes + additional charges hitting the account when I had never used the phone yet on the first day. Took a while to complain and get a refund but decided to leave after all that as not worth my time and stress. Absolutely hate Vodafone but always here those brand lovers talking about how great their coverage is etc... but I get same if not better from 3.

Vodafone have been fined 4.6m for bad service

Original Poster

I received a telephone call in response to my complaint. They offered £10 on the payg SIM. This is an insult as the costs I have incurred are at least twice this amount, also I have intention of using the SIM. I have written a further letter to the CEO via signed for delivery. I am yet to receive refund for cancelled order. It has been over two weeks...
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