Poor Rabbits, just read this article...

    Not on, can't help but feel sorry for them!…tml


    At first I thought they were being steamed ready for a curry or a stew, Heston Blemanwhatisname style



    Drugs should be tested on murderers so they can give something back to … Drugs should be tested on murderers so they can give something back to society

    This is the most sensible comment I have ever read in this forum.

    Granted Corporal punishment is no longer practiced but I could definitely see this as a means for making criminals repay a debt to society. There could even be different types of tests for different levels of offence, and more importantly because it is all done in the name of Science and Medicine it would be perfectly legal!

    Now try ***king doing this to a bunny, cat or other animal at home and see what happens when you get reported.

    at least i know where to get rabbit stock from for my pie

    i feel sorry for them, but i still feel its done for a reason, to test drugs that could one day save you/your kids/your family etc, ones tested purely for makeup etc that i dont really agree with.
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