Poor sound quality from TV, vibration....

    Hi, i have a Samsung flatscreen TV which has started to have poor audio quality. Actually its fine when watching normal tv, but if anything with music comes on, the sound is awful and sounds like its vibrating! Is the TV on its way out? Do i just need surround speakers or does the TV need new tubes etc?

    any advice would be great as i dont particularly want to purchase a new TV if i dont have to!



    Age and model?

    Simple stuff first. Is the tv on a table with other items that may be touching or vibrating in sympathy with the tv sound. Look carefully and move off everything then add to see if/when vibration returns.

    This is quite common on Samsungs and LG's of 2-5 approx years old. LG brought out modified speaker brackets for early models exhibiting the problem, and on both makes it can be worth tightening the screws which hold the speakers to the brackets, and the brackets to the chassis. The most common cause however, is easy to most cases you will find that one or more cables are touching the back of the speaker, causing vibration (unplug before taking the back off!) any touching wires will normally cure vibration/poor sound.

    Also, its worth going into the sound setup and playing around with the controls to give you less vibration - reducing the base helps.
    You could always get one of the cheap cinema sound packages which would turn off your TV speakers.

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    Thank you all so much for your help. I messed around with the settings and have managed to turn the 'entertainment' sound off, so now i have the perfect sound and dont need to go to the expense of a new tv or speakers! thank you all for your time
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