Posted 18th Nov 2022 (Posted 23 h, 31 m ago)
I bought a Ring doorbell 2nd Gen recently when they were on offer. I am finding that the wi-fi signal is consistently poor or very poor in the app. I suspect this is also why the video quality is poor and grainy. I've seen clips from other people's Rings and the quality on them is crystal clear.

Is there any solution other than moving the router closer to the Ring doorbell? I have my router connected to a Virgin super hub in an upstairs bedroom. The router needs to be wired to the super hub with an ethernet cable, so options for moving it closer are limited. Might have to send the Ring back unless there is a way to boost the signal.
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    Just get a mesh system. Sort your WiFi out
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    im on virgin also with a G2, and my router is close to the door. I found that when I get someone at the door it struggles and they can barely make out what I am saying, this was same with old isp too (Plusnet). when im going random live view no issues (edited)
    Saturated wifi channel maybe.
    Just so much is on WiFi even with our neighbours blasting ever more powerful signals never mind our own systems.

    Maybe run wifi app on phone to test see what you can find. Some devices are better wired to get them off the WiFi. Many using mesh to help (edited)
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    I have Ring (back and front) and Virgin and one of my cameras is 4 rooms and 2 stories down away from the router. There is no way it would connect with the router alone. Because of my package I get free wifi pods (have 2 of them in a 14 room 3 story house) and with those pods I get at least 100mbps in the worst rooms and over 50 in the back garden furthest from the house. As a result I have no issue with camera quality. A router alone will not work with no Wifi camera - nothing to do with Ring quality.

    You need to improve your Wifi coverage - there are several ways to do that as already suggested, but the pods (only free on top packages) work great here (solid brick and stone walls throughout the house)
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    Also have virgin and ring and use a MESH no issues
    Do you use TP link Deco mesh by any chance? I'm thinking about buying that.
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    also look for WiFi extenders , you can see how strong WiFi signal is on the app, use o think WiFi finder and see how strong there are around house,make sure all your neighbour and you are on same channel,

    mine odd few times has poor signal but usually just odd glitches.

    lol I think smart devices such as plugs and light switches need there own new WiFi band
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