pop up blockers

    hi can anyone out there help me, i am running windows xp and avast antivirus, for some reason i am getting pop ups all the time, do have the googl pop up thing running but still have lots coming through.

    thanks for any advice


    Sounds like you have spyware.

    Download Superantispyware and run the scan.


    If it's happening while you are browsing the internet use Firefox and download the Adblock plus add on

    I would download this free program ]Hitman Pro & run it (takes ages first time) then make sure you run it at least once a month as I do

    Try downloading Malwarebytes and runnng that as well

    I run firefox and noScript. Only runs elements on a page you allow so can stop you catching nasties.

    Sounds like you have caught something as people say so you need to run all the necessary scans and stuff before you do anything.


    Use Firefox and download the Adblock plus add on

    :thumbsup: Wouldn't use anything else..
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