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    a friend of mine bought a taiwan mobile home and needs to set up email,i havent done it for years so the pop is that your email address or the mobile providers address?


    i think pop 3 Your text hereis a service used to transfer mail, if thats the one used by your mail, you would need to select that option. When i set my yahoo mail up i had to unlock something on my account before it could be used to connect mail on my blackberry,hope this helps if you encounter this issue


    email providers address

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    thanks for that both,the odd thing is she took phone into a vodafone shop and they asked her for her pop without explaining,if they had ask who provides your broadband instead it would be done,now i have to trawl through pages of mandarin on the phone to find settings

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    although thats not true as she uses yahoo mr do ou remember the settings off hand?

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    thanks vm

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