Popcorn Hour A110 upgrading from xbox/tversity combo


    I have xbox 360 and I use Tversity and am able to watch everything that I have thrown at it so far. I would say for the money it is quite an outstanding combination. However I am not ignorant to the fact the nearly everyone that owns a Popcorn Hour raves over it.

    So what would it give me over and above what I have.

    ps. The noise of the xbox is one thing I already know will be improved on.

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    I have an egreat (a variation of the popcorn hour), like you I used to use my xbox to stream media to my t.v.

    At the time when I was using the xbox360 I had to re-encode anything I downloaded into one big .vob file to get it to play. It didn't support hi-def playback (x264 etc.).
    The noise and heat of my xbox360 was too much!
    Egreat keeps menus etc.
    I like the media centre type things on my tv display, but find it a bit slow and clunky. With the egreat and user developed 'apps' there are many different ways of displaying media on your t.v. My favorite is two apps called yamj and dynamic yamj & music server, see pictures:

    The fact that you're not restricted by what microsoft decide is a big selling point for me!
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