Poppy appeal collection box thief

Found 13th Nov 2008
BRITAINS meanest thief is captured on CCTV shamefully snatching a Poppy Day collection box containing over £30 meant to help Old Soldiers - on Remembrance Sunday.
The beanie wearing meanie first distracted the shop assistant then pulled out a pair of scissors to snip a piece of string securing the red plastic money box to the counter.
Then he tucks it inside his bomber jacket and coolly leaves Rowes Newsmarket store in Wantage, Oxon, but returns four minutes later - with the poppy collection box.
Amazingly he places it back on the counter having emptied it and leaves as if nothing has happened.
Thames Valley Police released these clear images showing the face of the low-life who chose Remembrance Sunday to take money from those who have served their country.
The British Legion collecting boxes are to raise money for the heroic British servicemen and women - past and present - who have given their all for Queen and Country.
Major Jim Sibbald, chairman of the Wantage branch of the British Legion, described the theft of the charity money as a despicable, outrageous and cowardly act.
He said:We have found in Wantage so many generous people who are so thoughtful towards the poppy appeal as well as so many people wearing the poppies with pride.
Then you get a despicable and cowardly person doing something as outrageous as this.
Mayor of Wantage, Mr Patrick OLeary, said:This is a time of remembering people who have made the ultimate sacrifice - people who dont understand are the lowest of the low.
Christine Markham of Rowes Newsmarket, said yesterday:It wasnt until the man from the poppy collection came to pick up the tin that we realised what had happened."
The tin was empty so we checked back through the CCTV and saw the man cutting the rope that attached it the counter and then coming back in after he had emptied it
He only stole from that tin because of the time of year he knew people are generous as he left behind collection boxes for cancer research and a mental health charity.
He is scum and I hope the police catch this man said shop assistant Christine, 53.
A Thames Valley Police spokesman said:The pictures are very clear so we hope that somebody will be able to come forward and tell us exactly who this person is.
If he has a shred of decency it might be a good idea to turn himself in first he said.
Police believe he also took £80 from another poppy day box at a nearby garden centre

This is taken from a daily newspaper today.

I just think how low can people get?
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Yeah read that in the SUn, today, some clear pictures of the ****er today in the paper so hopefully he'll get caught
so low!
He would sort'em out

Poppy-wearing pensioner foils sledgehammer raid on jewellers
A poppy-wearing pensioner foiled a raid on a jewellers when he ripped a balaclava off a man armed with a sledgehammer.
The moment when the pensioner caught up with the thief was caught on camera.
The have-a-go-hero, aged around 80, left the robber so stunned at being unmasked that he and his accomplice dropped their weapons and fled empty-handed.
He was the only person to intervene as the raid unfolded in front of a crowd of over 50 shoppers and office workers on a busy London high street.
Eye-witnesses said that the man showed "amazing guts" risking his life as he tackled the raider.
The pensioner, named as William Grove, stepped in as the two attackers pounded the reinforced glass windows of the branch of jewellers Ernest Jones in Richmond, south-west London, in broad daylight.
Eyewitness Nick Thompson, a 35-year-old technician who works in an office opposite the shop, said: "Some girls in the office heard a commotion and called everyone over to the window.
"There were two hooded guys having a real go at the window of the jewellers with sledgehammers. The glass must have been tougher than they thought because it took them a good 20 seconds to break through.
"It was busy day on the high street and there were crowds of shoppers watching.
"But these days people don't want to have a go in case a robber has a weapon. Here, you could see that there were two robbers holding big sledgehammers.
"Everyone was standing back when this old guy at the bus stop decided he was not just going to stand there and watch.
"He must have been around 80. He went over and started flapping at one of the robbers. He grabbed him from behind around his shoulders and managed to pull his balaclava off his face.
"If he had hit the old man with the sledgehammer, he could easily have killed him. The old man risked his life against someone much younger and bigger. He is a hero."
A Scotland Yard spokesman said that the suspects fled on foot before climbing into a silver car, which sped off in the direction of Richmond's magistrates' court.
Witnesses said Mr Grove shouted “I’ve got your DNA” as he grabbed the robber’s balaclava.
The unlikely hero is 6ft 3ins tall and uses a walking stick after he was hit by a bus.
Friends call him John and said his wife had died a number of years ago.
Ernest Jones said it would be rewarding him with a Rolex watch.
But spokesman Tim Jackson said: “It is, however, dangerous to do this and our priority is safety of the public and staff.”
Detective Inspector David Wadsworth said the suspects were black men, believed to be aged 18 to 20.
He appealed for any onlookers who took pictures on their mobile phones to come forward.
Police said the suspects grabbed one watch before fleeing on foot and then getting in a silver “Vauxhall-type” car which may have been driven by a third man. Passers-by chased the car and noted down the number plate.
Ingrid Pitt, a neighbour of Mr Grove’s in Richmond, said: “It is just like John, that is something he would do, no doubt about that. He is a fantastic man.” Tony O’Neill, caretaker at the development where Mr Grove lives, said: “He is a great guy but very modest.”
How low can anyone go?:x
some low people out there

Nice to see that about the pensioner
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