Port forwarding (for minecraft)

Found 1st Jun
I've never had problems setting this up before, this router seems unnecessarily complicated. Having trouble setting up port forwarding with my router software to play Minecraft (via Atlauncher). I added ATlauncher to allowed firewall programs on both pcs already (LAN game didnt appear) It was working months ago, but bought this silly new router.

TPlink Archer VR400

NAT Forwarding (is that the same thing? I cant find anything else)
Virtual Servers
I get this:
If I click on View Existing Applications I get this window:
but the PEBKAC
Minecraft port should be 25565, could one of you brain boxes tell me what the rest should be..

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If all else fails put your computer in the DMZ until you can work it out, that puts your computer outside of the routers firewall.

Port triggering is what you need

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