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I'm trying to increase my upload speeds on utorrent and keep reading that i should use port forwarding, but i don't know how to do this on the orange livebox (not too sure how to port forward full stop).

the highest speed i've managed to up is 20kb/s...

after an idiots guide for the orange livebox if it will increase upload speed greatly


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found what i needed and sorted it, whether it will improve my upload speed is another matter

]this is what i found

i use bit torrent and my speeds are fine. i have a live box

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i'm a new member of torrentleech, and i foolishly downloaded a 2gig file from there in just over an hr but could have got it from anywhere and saved my ratio was downloading at 800+kb/s its just my upload that is poor

Your upload will always be much, much slower than your download...not a lot you can do about that...:?

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yeah i know but for an 8meg connection i was getting very low upload speeds avg was approx 12kb/s now its averaging 40kb/s which i'm content about, know its my own fault for dling a big file for my first torrent.

Newsgroups is your answer. maximum download speeds and no need to upload either.
Quite surprised that I managed to download over 100gb in the past 2 weeks!
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