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Posted 6th Nov
I'm working on a little project with ADSB on my raspberry pi and want to do some testing away from home network (in the middle of a field) however, i'm unable to access raspi whilst it's tethered to my phone.

Im going to try connecting it via rj45 to laptop but in case i cant or not possible to do, Is there such a router device where i can tether the router to my phones hotspot and allow whatever connecting to the router to use the hotspot with usual router admin functions?
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"tether the router to my phones hotspot"
Do you have an old router ? Check to see if is compatible with DD-WRT (for example) and then you should be able to connect the wifi of that router (set as client) to your phone wifi (hotspot) (info: on DD-WRT these settings are on the last tab).

"i'm unable to access raspi whilst it's tethered to my phone"
Could be that some ports are closed ?
Thanks, will try this.
I have an iphone and dont think i can open ports.
Won't work. If the iphone is operating a NAT for tethered devices then that's the one you need to set up port forwarding on. Adding an additional NAT will do nothing.

You'd either have to replace it with another device such as a windows machine or mobile broadband router.

Are you actually trying to access the Pi from another device over the internet? Could you initiate the connection from the Pi side which wouldn't need the Pi to be listening.
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