Port number from 3 and back to 3

Found 23rd Nov 2017
I have sim only contract with 3 which is nearing the end. I have seen an, ideal for me, offer for new customers on their website. I have asked but they say I can't change to it.

I would therefore like to purchase the new contract and move my existing number to it. In this case it appears I have to port my number to a PAYG sim on another network and then port it back to my new contract.

Can anyone who has done this advise the best network to move to temporarily preferably without needing to top up?
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I think all networks require you to top up a minimum of £10 now. If the deal is that much better then what’s the harm in paying £10 to another provider? Tesco mobile are pretty good never had any issues using them as a stepping stone.
See what arsenolls 3 are ?
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