Port opening on router and CCTV setup help needed

Hi people
Looking for some help on this setup, I've got a need Dvr recorder which get upto LAN and then you can get it on the iPhone from anywhere in the world but unsure what to do now?

I've opened the port on laptop to view on my computer and I can get that far but can't get to do anything else is there anyway I can sort it? The program needed is dnsdys I thinks it's that? And signed up etc but now lost please help if anyone can?


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Any help?

never set one up but you need to make an account on dyndns.com/ that forwards your external ip

Then connect to your new hostname with the dvr software

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Made one but don't understand how to get it working with this site? Put user name etc in just say trying
Don't get it?

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have you got the dvr working locally?

e.g. type ip address in browser and website of the dvr comes up?

you need to give us more info, what model DVR, how far you have got so far?

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Unsure of model number but it's newlec
When I put in it comes up on my laptop while I'm at home but that's it can get it on phone well I can but no thing comes on. I've signed up to the above website but that's it unsure what to do next? Or what the site does? I've put the details what I signed up with in the Dvr but not sign up

Whats wrong?

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Maybe I'm doing something wrong with ip aswel

You need to use your public (internet) ip address. Go to whatismyip.com/ and it will tell you what yours is. Unless you have paid for a static (one that doesnt change) IP address this will change when you restart your router. is a local IP address, ie one that sits within your network at home.

Basically, what happens with port forwarding is, it allows you to use a service on a particular machine in your network externally, i.e. via your public (internet IP address).

So for example.

Say your public (internet) IP address is
You then have say 2 laptops and your DVR on your home network, say..

Now, if you go to 81.100.100 from some external device on the internet, say your iPhone connected by 3G.. when you contact its just gonna contact your router and you routers gonna be like WTF?

So, say you forwarded port 500 to your DVR.. So in your router settings you forwarded port 500 to

If you go to from your iphone (that's the standward way of writing a port number with an IP address, you put :(port number) after the IP address), it'll know that you wanna contact the DVR.

Services like dyndns.com are useful if you have a public IP address that isn't static and keeps changing. just means you can replace your public IP address with a URL, so something like mysecuritycamera.dyndns.com, then you'd be contacting mysecuritycamera.dyndns.com:500 to reach your DVR.

I hope that gives you a better understanding.. Once you get your head around it it's easy. Or if you live anywhere near Leicester give me a shout and I might be able to set it up for you :-)

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So you saying I'll have to pay for a public ip? Is there no way of getting one free? No other way of doing it? I'm in notts

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I think I understand some of it but new to this, just don't want to be paying again for another service

firstly, you need to find out what port it is going to serving on.
might say that in the manual?
your external ip address is the one the outside world will see, i.e. data connection from your mobile carrier.

if your phone is connected to your wireless at home, it should be able to see when you put that in a browser?

from the outside world, you need to use the external ipaddress.

Like baconsandwich said, you need to find that ip addressout.

ALSO ... your ISP at home might not allow you to host that dvr server service? I know some isps block port 80 (web port) which stops people hosting web servers.

1) find out the external ipaddress
2) test it on a internet connection other than your house one, see if you can see anything
3) as baconsandwich said.. your ip address changes, which is where you need to use LiGhTfasT advice.

Hope this makes sense!

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Got the port number
Sorry don't understand 3

When I go on the website about it tells me computer ip is this what you mean?

I'm on o2 so unsure if I can run it?
But how would I go about public ip? Can you get one free?


So you saying I'll have to pay for a public ip? Is there no way of … So you saying I'll have to pay for a public ip? Is there no way of getting one free? No other way of doing it? I'm in notts

You already have a public IP. It's just not 'fixed' i.e. it will change from time to time. You can pay for a fixed (static) IP, but you don't need to if you dont mind using dyndns.com (which is free).

You can achieve what you want without spending any more money.

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Ok thanks but I'm not 100% sure why I'm doing wrong?
Don't no what the website does for me?and I'm a little confused as to what to do now? Dumb lol

the web site points to your external address so you dont have to remember it... you'll just go to the domain you made from dyndns

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Don't work

does it still work on your network?

what happens when you type your external ip address on your phone?
if you get page cannot be displayed, your isp has blocked that port

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It only works on my network
On my iPhone the screen come up but no vid, not work other than my network unless I've done it wrong?

is your phone connected to your home network?
try from a laptop which isnt on your network.. somewhere outside

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I've tried both iPhone on wifi and on 3G it works on wifi well no vid but no thing on 3g


I've tried both iPhone on wifi and on 3G it works on wifi well no vid but … I've tried both iPhone on wifi and on 3G it works on wifi well no vid but no thing on 3g

that says it all, the outside world cannot see the site due to possible restrictions by your isp?
you have something locally blocking it serving the site to the outside world

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So what's that mean then? Can I get it to work? Or not? If I sent you the details etc would you beable to say if I'm doin anything wrong?
I'm with o2 and my when i fo on dns site I go on to host and it says your computer ip is tuning on 93......... Etc what do I do with this?

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still no joy :-(

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any help please

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ive done it putting my ip address in etc and dyndns address etc no thing
went on a site and it say ports are close but no way of opening on my router.
what do i need to put in?
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