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Found 24th May 2007
any one know where to get a portabel dvd player for the kids in car ,going to scotland in june 8 hours journey :-( cheers dave
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I am looking for one too (trip to France next month planned!), will let you know if I find anything...
Maybe useful to post what size screen, how many screens and any other spec you need as the range is huge. Also a budget would help.

][COLOR="Red"]This one[/COLOR] is £49 delivered using google checkout.
ok about £50-70 ,7 to 9" one screen the type you plug into the cigarette lighter cheers greg 68 :thumbsup:
If you don't mind a refurb ][COLOR="Red"]this[/COLOR] Philips looks good for £54 delivered.
I was actually looking for two screens, about 7 ins (is that normal), with all the usual incar accessories.
there is a thread on the hot deals about a twin 7" set in asda reduced to £60.
I bought the twin pack on this page - they play divx (send them an email to check this first tho') and are much better than your normal Argos type cheap stuff. You can watch separate films on the screens or the same film at the flick of a switch and Nexus are generally considered to be a decent quality brand for this type of stuff:


They say refurb but were new as far as I can tell.
Oops sorry - just seen your budget......:oops:
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