Portable Air Con - Window Seal (outwards opening)

Posted 7th Aug 2020
Hi all
I’ve just gotten a portable air conditioning unit which came with window seal parts. All the instructions and everything I find online only seems to show windows which open inwards towards the house.

Any advice on how to best vent the air con?

The advice on this from screwfix (also from b&q) is that it doesn’t work on externally opening windows.

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    Didnt even think inward opening windows was a thing, cant you vent it through the wall like a tumble dryer, might not be very portable then though
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    Get glass swapped with hole in. They can do that or drill hole through wall. Make sure it's the right size. I gave up on the window blocking off but tape and foam sponge is what I'd use but not very good
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    Ground sheet clipped to window frame edges (clipboard / bull dog clips)
    Add a cardboard V to the bottom with hole to vent hose tru. (Use cable ties / parcel tape to attach cardboard)
    +**Make sure hose long enough**+ first.
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    Open the sunroof
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    Without a link to the air con unit it's rather hard to say but normally they only seem to come with an attachment for sash windows not the ones that open outwards

    I suspect you'll need to buy a generic window kit, there are loads on Amazon for £10 - £20 which work OK
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    I know the answer...it's called Walkers. Basically, you will not find a solution without sticking things on frames, but I found this works great without modifying or attaching things - and it's free (apart from buying a bumper box of crisps). Just some careful crafting and cutting with scissors and gaffer tape and you have a re-usable seal that fits in window jams - triangular bit on of window top cut out seals that and stuff your curtain in bottom in gap...
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    Anyone know if a trickle vent (vent top of window) would be enough ventilation for an air conditioner?
    I saw one of these adaptors on amazon that might make it possible:
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    Get a universal window kit off Amazon or do the same with cardboard - although it's important to seal carefully with cardboard or else you will just suck the warm air back in. As a temporary measure you can pack the gap with towels.
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