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    Hi, can anyone suggest where I can get an Air Conditioner for a reasonable price. My baby girl is struggling to sleep in this heat. I made the mistake of buying an Air Cooler first (It's supposed to bring down the temperature by 10 degrees......didn't even bring it down by one!!). So must be an Air Conditioner NOT an Air Cooler.

    Hope someone can help!



    ]Convair Magicool

    (Standard delivery on this item is £12.99)

    Any Good?


    If I remember correctly, B&Q is selling portable aircons for 130 quid instore. It might be also worth to take a look at Homebase range, especially with 10% off this weekend.


    ]Convair Magicool]£159.99(Standard delivery on this item is £12.99)Any G … ]Convair Magicool]£159.99(Standard delivery on this item is £12.99)Any Good?CJ

    That is not an air conditioner ,it is an air cooler.


    That is not an air conditioner ,it is an air cooler.

    That's not what it says in the description of the features....

    Features: •Portable Air Conditioner



    That's not what it says in the description of the features....Features: … That's not what it says in the description of the features....Features: •Portable Air ConditionerCJ

    Yeah that is misleading its definitely not an Air Conditioner , try looking on ebay , hopefully you may pick up a bargain there , GL

    I'm afraid you'll have to trust me on this one Cutthroat jake.Some retailers do confuse air coolers with air conditioners.The dead giveaway in this case is the "13 litre water capacity" feature and the fact that it "balances moisture in the air"

    Also look at this page and you'll see what i mean ]http//ww…085

    One minute of googling located this proper air conditioner but since i do not own then i cannot really talk about it with any degree of confidence

    yes, that's an aircon. Normally Amcor only does aircons AFAIK.


    I've just bought an Amcor from Makro £270 + VAT a 15000BTU(12000 Euaro proper measurements) Brilliant but they are noisy even on low setting in a big room - in my case 6m x 5m x 2.7h. 10 out of 10(Office) but beware the noise factor, especially in a bedroom

    My local B & Q are selling air coolers for around £40. They did have a 7000 BTU Air Con unit reduced to £130 but they reportedly went like hot cakes and now they're all over £200 for the 9000 version.

    Handy tip for when you're really hot. Fill some 2 litre plastic fizzy drink bottles with water and freeze them down overnight. Place them in front of a fan (Comet have good deals) and it blasts some cold air out for a couple of hours

    Oh and the usual applies in the heat, drink LOTS of fluids as sweating cools you. Similarly a cup of tea is actually more cooling than a can of cold coke (or beer) Honest Guv! Not a lot of people know that.

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate all the help!! Went into Homebase this morning after another sleepless night! (Too hot for my little girl to sleep8) ). They have a 9000btu for £150 + 10% off so I might go for that if I can find an extention for the hose. It has to be put out of the window yet it's only 1 metre long??!!!?!:confused: Any ideas where I can get a cheap extention for the hose would be much appreciated?! :-D

    Thanks for the tips Mikewot I will have a go at the ice in front of the fan thing tomorrow!!:thumbsup:



    Be careful what you try and use to extend the hose, it gets very warm when the aircon is working hard so any flimsy plastic tube like that used for bathroom fan extracts will probably collapse and then the room will just get hotter. If you know a heating engineer (plumber) he may have some alloy liner tube they use to line chimneys for gas fires, that will do for now.
    You could use some 6" soil pipe (rigid brown stuff) and cut the existing hose in half so putting half the flexible both ends.
    Whatever you do without using the correct stuff is going to be a bit of a bodge
    How about cutting a hole in the wall where you intend to fit it and doing it properly with a vent kit (available from both B&Q and Hbase) but not cheap!
    6" flexible hose is about whats needed but its not cheap or off the shelf in the local stores.
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