Portable Air Conditioners - Pre Summer

Found 22nd Feb 2007
In anticipation of another long hot summer, before they sell out and the prices take a jump are there any deals on portable home air conditioning units.

Argos have them at £170 for a 9000btu in white and there are some on Ebay for £150 + p&p.

Do you have one, what do you recommend, how much do they cost to run and where are the deals ?


I used an Amcor 10k (£250 B&Q) unit for 3years, then got a Amcor 15k (£350 empiredirect) unit. Happy with both but they do suck at electricity like you wouldn't believe. I'm saving the 10k unit to sell this year summer for most £££ of course.

Cost can vary, if on full blast 8-10k units is about 7p/hour i think, check that though. Different units have different kilowatt ratings and of course your energy charges count.

Ultimately it's down to creating a good airflow system throughout your house so that temperature spreads keep the aircon only to use when it's really needed.
It's amusing when people abroad don't understand we say it's warm in summer comapred to their temps, we have far too effcieint insulation so houses get significantly warmer than outside @ peak resulting in every home turning into a greenhouse.

We have 3 de longhi units we got from B&Q a couple of years ago for around £200 each - our children have bedrooms in the 'roof' of the house & are unbearable in even moderate heat - as they have velux windows the systems are not so efficient as you cannot completely block out the air around the window as the kit included with the units was for standard sliding/modern windows....however the units make a significant difference and make the rooms comfortable - hope this mekes sense and is of help

I have B&Q own brand 8K BTU portable unit. It works quite well but noisy. I bought it quite cheap (60 quid or so) so can't complain.

What are the dimentions of the room your looking to control? And whats your budget? I sell protable air con units and can arrange fixed installs. I have just recieved a big lot of summer stock and in the process of setting up a website which im sure the will be a discount for HUKD users.

Also as a tip I would advise anyone not to bother with the B&Q / homebase / argos type machines, they are cheaply made, and do las the initial years use, though when they are needed the following year 70% of them just pack up, I have many people with Ex- B&Q rubbish come to me.

Also remember that with all air con systems they need to get rid of two things.

Water - They have a little tank that you need to empty. Most wil shut off when full.

heat - That heat has to go somewhere, all portable units I have seen come with a long (tumble dryer type) flexi pipe that should really feed outside the house or you are just shifting heat.

You are far better to go with an external system, with an internal fan. These are not too difficult to install. However should you want the portability then of course go for the portable option.

As DavelFc said there are different types:

Protable air cons - with extraction hoses, usually placed hanging out of the window while in use.

Evaporative coolers - Water needs to be emptied now and again

Fixed units - More expensive, in a split type design, the main condensing unit fitted outside with the fan system inside.

[SIZE=2]jongti, as you know about these things. I am after an air conditioning / heater for my attic room as it is freezing in winter and boiling in summer. Any suggestions? I want something that isn't too obtrusive and fairly compact. I can mount the vent fans on the exterior wall but my concern is how big the hole I will have to drill through the wall has to be? Another point is I will have to mount it near the ceiling next to the window, will this be a problem for air circulation?[/SIZE]

Jonny boy, whats the dimentions of the room and are you looking at fixed or portable? I did post here earlier of a unit I can sell, which was removed by emma (appologies by the way, slaps hand on wrists for not reading all the rules)

personally id recomend the GRee ky32 for portable cooling, which there is a model with an in built heater. Note This unit uses an extraction hose.

My advice on chosing a split is dont touch any cheap rubbish from the B&Q brigade, I can put you in touch with people near your area but obviously cant post here.

The dimensions are roughly 13 foot by 15 foot but the room has sloping ceilings. I really don't want to use an extraction hose I can help it.
I have been looking on ebay and found some cheap ones but this against what you were saying.
If you wouldn't mind click the link below and see what you think -


Hope this isn't against the rules.

Ebay links are i think?

They are noisy fine if you wear headphones for music/working etc.

I wear ear plugs if I use it overnight or if I need a fan on.

If anyone does get one I highly recommend checking your leccy bill.
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