Portable battery pack

    Hi guys.

    I'm looking for a battery pack to take away with me. I need to be able to charge my google nexus 5x (has some type of fast charge connection) and also macbookpro and iPad. Will be getting power off the mains and car usb. Do t really want to spen huge money so £30 max really.

    Would appreciate any advice.



    I have an Anker 26800, and I highly recommend it.

    We have 3 of these Anker units and use them regularly, highly recommended and Amazon have them for £30.…c=1

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the answers. Can you definitely charge the MacBook pro with this?

    wWat size do you need? Depending on what you're charging depends on what size you need.

    I've got two devices, but both are small 5200mh as all I charge are phones, Bluetooth headsets and my head torch when im running. There are larger battery packs that you can charge a laptop from but they are massive, heavy and take an age to charge.
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